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     Dori Williams is the author of "Follow Your Heart," the first book in seven books, "From the Heart Series."

     Dori is single and lives with her twenty-one-year-old cat Smudge in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was originally from Wisconsin. 

     Previously published works are in the Ink Slinger's anthology books, "Memoirs of the Southwest" and "Global Voices. "She also wrote and produced for Cable Access T.V. Racine WI a video tribute to the men and women in the military, titled "The Gift."

      Dori has three children and nine grandchildren. She was a foster mother to over fifteen children. She was so moved by her experience she wrote a poem to give her kids, titled "Child of my Heart." Attached below.

      Careers in the travel industry and real estate are part of her resume. She went back to college and obtained a degree in graphic design, and now enjoys designing her own logos and book covers.

     A designation of competent Toastmaster is part of her accomplishments and she was on the speaker's bureau for the Alpha Center in Racine, WI. where  she wrote and produced a slideshow presentation given to numerous groups titled, "Who will Speak Up For the Little Ones."

     When Dori isn't writing she enjoys traveling, photography, reading, ballroom dancing, and creative projects.


Child of my Heart


Lift your head up high with pride for all that you are and all that you will be. Set your goals high, there are no limits, you are your own captain sailing life's sea.

My love and commitment to you don’t end just because you turn eighteen, and become an adult, in me you will always have a friend, a person who cares, someone, you can consult.

My hands were not there to hold you when you were small, but I reach them out to you now to offer you encouragement, guidance, and love above all.

I always hope to be a part of your life, now and forever. I want to watch you evolve and see you conquer each new life endeavor.

I would like to watch you walk down the aisle on the day you are wed. I have come to love you, as my own that’s all that needs to be said.

What happiness it would bring me to have you place your firstborn in my arms to hold, as we continue life’s journey and each chapter unfolds.

Let me share in your happiness; let me wipe away your tear; you are the “Child of My Heart,” whom I will always hold dear.

By Dori Williams

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