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From the Heart Series     (other books to come)

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A Piece of My Heart


The continuing journey of Katie O'Brien. Katie finds a new love interest, battles a life-threatening illness, and has to make a heartbreaking decision.

Written on Your Heart


Katie meets two girls she tries to help. One’s life ends in tragedy, and the other girl’s ends in love and triumph. 

Secrets of the Heart


Katie is set on a journey of murder, mystery, and suspense set in a tropical paradise.

Restless Heart


Katie is thrust into the Chicago Race Riots of 1968 and becomes involved in a love triangle.


Heart of the Matter


Katie has a surprise reacquaintance and a call to duty to serve in Vietnam. 

Heart and Soul


Katie is involved in "Operation Baby Lift" in Vietnam. Her life is explored over the next several decades bringing the series to a dramatic and heart-wrenching conclusion where her life-long dream is finally realized.

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